Angelo's History

The original Angelo's Coney Island Palace has been at the original location for 67 years. Angelo's is an institution, land mark and household name. Anyone who has lived in Michigan has visited Angelo's. Angelo's was started in 1949, and is proud to serve the Genesee County area and the surrounding states for 67 years. People drive from all over to eat at this landmark. We are well recognized throughout the area with ninety-two point seven (92.7%) of people surveyed returning to Angelo's. We are the #1 Coney Island in the state and are proud to be the "McDonald's" in the Coney island business.

Since the new ownership, Angelo's Coney Island Palace has our main locations in the Genesee County Area. Two of the locations are open twenty four (24) hours a day, three hundred and sixty five (365) days a year. Angelo's has a secret 67 year old recipe for our famous Coney Sauce, and we use the #1 hotdog produced by Koegel's, made with higher standards than the FDA requires.

We ship Angelo's Coney Sauce & Koegel Hotdogs ANYWHERE IN THE U.S.!!

24 / 7 / 365


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